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Some Independence Day Resolutions

In Politics on July 2, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Massachusetts State House. Photo: See Ming Lee.

I consume but I am a person, not a consumer.   I live in a country, not a corporation. It is a nation of communities, not agglomerations of rugged individuals warily eyeing each other.

My political philosophies should better explain how to serve human needs, not to score debating points. If my arguments depict my “opponents” as human parities, stereotypes, or scapegoats, they are invalid.

I shall try to remember that people — whether they agree with me or not– remain wildly complex, contradictory, and surprising. They often act directly against their best interests in favor of someone else’s interests.  They change their minds.

I will not allow the extreme view points of a few to alter these resolutions. Unsubstantiated assertions that sit in contradiction to reality are like a child holding its breath. It gets your attention but the situation cannot last.


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