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Bulger Update. File Under: You Won’t Read this Anywhere Else

In Boston Individualists, Criminals on July 1, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Revere Beach. Wikimedia Commons Image. Photo: Luciof

I bumped into someone this evening who offered a surprising view of Whitey Bulger, the reputed South Boston gangster.  This individual, who shall remain nameless, spent a considerable portion of life on both sides of the law.  When a drinking and drug problem pushed a wretched life even lower until nights were spent sleeping on the beach in Southie, Bulger made his approach.  With no strings attached, he paid for a room and urged my acquaintance to a renewed commitment to sobriety.  It worked.  To this day, all is better — much better.   As I walked away, I heard my acquaintance say, ” I cannot judge him.”

Still, the man who allegedly killed 19 people will be judged in a court house in South Boston not more than a mile from that beach.


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