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Jack Kevorkian, Service Provider, Ex-Convict, is Dead

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2011 at 2:38 am

The well-known pathologist, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, died in a hospital this past week. According to New York Magazine, Kevorkian assisted 130 desperately sick people in terminating their lives.

His niece was by his side, and reports are that he died peacefully and didn’t feel a thing.

Glad to hear that. The former talk show host and comedy writer, Dick Cavett quotes thusly in his recent memoir Cavett, “Let no man count himself lucky until he has had a good death.”

Hard to believe that Kevorkian spent seven years in prison for second degree murder.  How is complying with someone’s wishes murder?  Assisted suicide, yes. Murder, no.

Many doctors take the same measures every day to end suffering in their patients.

Kevorkian’s obituaries refer to him disrespectfully as “Dr. Death” but this says more about the prevailing attitude toward death in modern American society.  Former New York Times columnist Russell Baker wrote that when he was growing up, death was not considered “an obscenity” but a part of life.  When did we become so immature about death?

Dr. Kevorkian Wikimedia Commons Image.


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